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Is it your time to engage with money, wealth and work as a sacred path to healing, awakening and soul-level success? I would love to be your coach and guide as you master the challenges of money, work, wealth and worth and invite these very parts of your life and business to be the profound spiritual teachers that they are and I would love to be your coach, soul-teacher and guide.

I'm currently on a hiatus from coaching and teaching while I move to Lusaka, Zambia.  

However, look for new courses coming in Fall of 2017 focused on the spiritual path of mastering money, work and worth. I am SO excited.

Anything else? Just ask. 

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I have never felt comfortable with money and have always looked for ways to abdicate fiscal responsibility. Not any more! Through Nona’s brilliantly insightful program Get Right With Money, I have addressed long held legacy beliefs that kept me playing small, embraced my true desires, explored my cash flow with compassionate curiosity and had a bare accounting conversation with my husband (not as kinky as it sounds!). It’s been a truly epic journey, but at each stage I have been profoundly supported by both Nona and the beautiful community that gathered to mindfully approach money mastery. As I told my classmates on our last class, Get Right With Money has finally persuaded me to put on my big girl money pants - self-responsibility has never been so sexy!
— — Amy Palko, PhD.