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Hello Beautiful You.

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If you came to my home and sat at my kitchen table, I would offer you a choice of water, coffee or herbal tea and I would insist on giving you all of my loving attention. 

If you asked about me, I would tell you that I am deeply inspired by beauty of all kinds, from the beauty and utter naturalness of non-human nature to the beautiful devotion of humans who go beyond their limits to catch their dreams. I would tell you that becoming a partner to my husband and a mother to my daughter has by far been the hardest, and most rewarding, choice of my life -- I wouldn't have guessed that agreeing to keep my heart open and let it be broken over and over to the end would be so wonderful. I've been told I'm intense and that my laugh is too loud and that I have almost no capacity to make small talk. I"m so glad all those things are true so when you sit at my table and you tell me what's real for you -- you won't find a more welcoming place for all of you to show up and be celebrated in all of your fine humanity.  

As a Capricorn, my work is at the heart of my values - a very close second to my family, so let me tell you more.

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My Vision

As a master coach, mind-body educator and intuitive guide, I support women in business who are committed to their personal development work yet secretly wonder why the same unhelpful patterns keep showing up right when they feel ready to take a big leap into the next evolution of life and/or business. Based on cutting edge coaching psychology, the latest neuroscience, and ancient mind-body healing practices, my approach empowers you to shift the core patterns that stand between you and inspired, consistent action.  

Too many women who are on fire to do meaningful, life-changing work they love end up (or try to push through) anxious, and exhausted — depleted physically, emotionally and spiritually from over-striving. However, living and working that feels abundant, aligned and alive in the day to day doing is a natural expression of embodiment and resilience — I would love to support you as you grow the life, and the business, that you envision. Expect transformation.

My vision is to leave a legacy of women who rise up to create the life, and the work, that is aligned with their Truth. This path requires the courage to change — to grow in the face of challenge. This path is an invitation to integrate and to embody your most powerful self.

I want you - and as many women as I can reach in a lifetime - to experience the incredible strength that is at the very heart of who you are.  I want you to stop doubting yourself and looking outside of yourself for affirmation or fixing. I want you to move through life with a felt sense that you are enough, attuned to your deep wisdom and capacity to create the life and the work you choose.

It is game-changing, to dwell in this space of knowing yourSelf and your innate resources, to know and embody a sense of abundance, and to trust your Truth as the very basis for creating the life, and the work, that is yours to do.

Here are a few things I believe

  • I believe we must be willing to face the darkness within ourselves to experience true joy. Often, the journey to soul-level success begins in the darkness — welcoming this aspect of being human makes you strong, brave and more unshakable in your faith in yourself and your capacity.

  • I believe that sensitivity, empathy and intuition are incredible strengths. These qualities, often dismissed or diminished, are the very qualities that need to be fiercely honored, cared for, and celebrated as fundamental to your wealth of resources.

  • I believe you - fully embodied and connected - are pure wealth. Everything you want to create happens in your body: THE primary container of your wealth of knowledge, of your creative force, of your experience, and your very soul. Coming home to, healing and rooting into the body’s intelligence is at the heart of what you want to experience. True story.

  • I believe you can trust life, Divine Intelligence, and yourself. I know it may not feel like it when so many structures and ideals are crumbling, but on the other side of chaos and death is rebirth and we will need your wisdom, strength and power to usher in a new era. The future holds so much promise when we say yes to our own journey of desire and creation.

  • I believe in the healing power of community. All boats rise together and no woman is an island. Our healing and growth happen in relationship to others (because most of our wounding happens there as well, yes?) Individual coaching or saying yes to group work is a powerful way to create connection and invite support that amplifies healing, clarity and empowerment.

  • I believe in the power of doing the work. To manifest is to make something real. To create is to take aligned, committed action. There are no shortcuts but doing the work that is yours to do to be the woman you wish to be is the most sacred work, the most sacred practice, you can invest in.

    And I know this because getting here was a decades-long journey which means I know where you are and how you're feeling.


The long journey to now.



At eleven, I was already a self-help junkie. I'd secretly started reading my Mom’s metaphysical books. Then, in college, when I was supposed to be studying for my accounting exams, you could still find me practicing yoga, devouring spiritual and personal-development books. Feed the addiction, people.

And I was feeding it. I was searching. I was hungry. I was following a path that wasn’t my passion (accounting) - and I was doing it all for the money. Later, even when making six figures in that profession (which was supposed to fix what felt broken), I was following the fine family tradition of trying to drown out the overwhelming impact of long-term trauma and toxic stress with wine, beer, cigarettes and generally bad behavior, including ignoring my money and being in over my head with my debt. Driven and depressed by my endless search for more money, more time, more things... I was poorer than I'd ever been.

Self-help + self-loathing. These two contradictory urges collided one night more than sixteen years ago when I was reading Pema Chodron while trying to get drunk. (!!)

That night, I had nothing short of a spiritual awakening. Everything changed in an instant.

Well, okay, in an instant plus each moment since.


I changed my life completely, ridding myself of drinking and smoking, bad boyfriends and bad habits. In the last sixteen years I've changed all my habits so completely that you'd think I'm a different person.

I'm not.

I’m more myself than I have been since I was six years old. I wouldn’t say I’m childlike, but everyday I recover more of my true nature, the innate wealth, that I thought I had lost so many years ago by doing the vital inner work of facing my shadows, demons and traumas to find myself. In finding myself, my energy and my aliveness, I have found a sense of incredible, unshakable abundance and joy.

On the path, I have trained with the best beginning with a 200 hour YTT through Kripalu in 2003 and since then, with some amazing mentors and teachers to amplify my own capacity for leadership, healing and coaching. I studied with Martha Beck to become a kick-ass Master Coach and trained to become a master practitioner and facilitator of healing through meditation, breath work, earth medicine and energy practices, all of which honed my intuitive/visioning capacity. Combine all this with my business degree, a CPA license (currently inactive) and years working in publicly-traded tech companies in Seattle and it almost feels like I was born this way.


So, yes, I did a few things right in the last decade getting my shit together and doing my own deep inner work, but I really must have done something right in a past life, because I'm married to the most amazing man on the planet and we have a (not so) little girl who is amazing squared. 

Living a nomadic life with my husband's work as a military officer and diplomat, we currently live in Lusaka, Zambia where I am deeply inspired by the beauty of Africa: the people, the animals and the incredible land. 

My life is an expression of soul-level success that feels like success in the doing. Each day filled with incredible experiences, people and opportunities that I couldn't have dreamed of 15 years ago - fullness, aliveness and access to a depth of wealth I never imagined when I was obsessed with money and societies ideas of success. And that's what I want for you.

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Now you. Tell me everything.


Schedule some time and let's see how I can support you.