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From frustration to pleasure, from confinement to freedom...

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I realized today that all the work I’ve done with you has been about befriending my demons. I’ve grown heaps in accepting who I am, the good and the ugly. In embracing the good, I feel the Essence of who I am so strongly. As if I’m shining my powers from the core of my abdomen for all to see and receive. In befriending the ugly I’ve softened. I’ve gone from anger to forgiveness, frustration to pleasure, anxious to calm, confinement to freedom.

Nona, I’ve always had all the answers, what I lacked was the courage to listen and act. Now I’m sure that living life in alignment with my true self isn’t about living a life free of mistakes. It’s about living life consciously aware of the choices I make. And when those choices feel in alignment with my true self I experience happiness and continue along the path. Thank you, Nona, for showing me the way back to my true self.
— -Nichole Sala


Healed, calm and clear...

Nona Jordan came into my life during a time that was seriously wonky. I left feeling healed, calm, and clear. Nona’s approach feels like whole soul renewal, energy realignment, and stress-free business building, all in one. Also! I’d be remiss not to mention that something truly magical happened through my work with Nona. Before we even talked, the investment I made to work with her came back to me exactly 100 fold. I’m talking real-money (lots), showed up, unexpectedly, 17 hours after I sent my initial investment her way. As someone who works with magic for a living, I can hands-down say, Nona’s got the midas touch. She’s fun, encouraging, and smarter than smart. She has my wholehearted recommendation, gratitude and love.
— Rachael Maddox, Real Life Magic-Maker



You will be amazed by the growth you will experience...

I decided to work with Nona because I really wanted to focus on growing my business without so much fear and hesitancy - to achieve more financial security and confidence in my business.

After working with Nona, I feel hopeful for the first time in years. I have already seen a return on my investment through increased business income - it was well worth every penny!

You will be amazed by the growth you will experience working with Nona - I highly recommend her!
— Denise Canellos, Cancer and chronic disease nutritionist

Life changing work...

“Nona is unique. She has this amazing gift of being able to really connect with you on a soul level. She listens, nudges, and encourages. She’s our cheerleader and our drill sergeant. She gives you the tools you need, and calls you on it when you’re not using them. Nona cares deeply and somehow manages to make money and business fun, joyful, and incredibly empowering.
My work with Nona has had a profound impact on my awareness, practices, and overall attitude . She helped me see things that had been holding me back and taught me strategies to break those patterns. It’s been truly life-changing and I believe everyone should work with her.”
— Lisa Wood, Website design and coaching

Experience authentic abundance...

Working with Nona is a must for anyone brave enough to deal with the demons that keep you from being, doing and living the life of your dreams. I was dreading dealing with the layers of fear I had, but getting to its source has been a life changer. I’m now able to embrace the abundance that is my innate birthright. I’ve learned to love me, and my business a whole lot more. Now I’m busy working on several projects that will soon boost my bottom line while increasing my happiness quotient a hundred fold. If you’re looking to experience authentic innate abundance, work with Nona. Thanks Nona for your kind and loving demeanor and your life changing work that is helping me move closer to living the life of my dreams. I am a fan for life!
— Sheryl A Shields, Master Coach

Grounded and free...

Let me start by saying I was a tad skeptical about the efficacy of the energy work that Nona uses. It would be interesting and fun, sure, but would it work?

Then a month in, big shifts started happening. Not deeper into the work I was currently doing, but away from it! Far away! And toward work I am much better suited to, delight in each day, and is well-received by others.

The animal imagery Nona shared became my personal totem. Her words have a framed presence on my desk and are referred to often. I even named my new right-sized, right-work business after my energy totem. For the first time, I feel grounded, focused, and free. I am forever grateful to Nona for sharing her gifts.

— Crystal Williams, Online Business Advisor, Big Bright Bulb


A full schedule of clients...

Working with Nona was like a light bulb suddenly being turned on in my head. Everything that had been floating around inside there was illuminated and I could finally separate the wheat from the chaff. Nona used the principles of yoga to help me realize that my old beliefs weren’t serving me, my business or my clients and to write new beliefs. After studying yoga for most of my adult life, bringing those principles into managing my business and my bank account has left me with a full appointment book and well on the way to a clear credit card. Bless you Nona!
— Rachel Hawes - Massage and Movement Therapist

Moving beyond fear...

I’ve been buzzing with focused enthusiasm ever since my first interview with Nona! A keen listener, she captured the essence of who I am striving to be in the yoga business context and provided some solid, practical guidance as to the steps I need to take towards realising this dream. I love her exceptional professionalism — she responds to e-mails and follow-ups almost immediately. Most importantly however she’s helped me to move beyond my self imposed fears and limitations and prompted me into serious action — and all of this after just one session. For anyone who has any inkling of wanting to pursue a business in the yoga and wellness field, make Nona your first port of call.
— Nadine McNeil,The Universal Empress